Get Sexy This Summer - Leave Dry Skin Behind

Most people's skin changes over the course of a year. You may find you have dry skin in winter and normal skin the rest of the year. this is totally normal.

Some women find their skin, which was "oily" in their 20s, turned "combination" in their 30s and "dry" in their 40s. This is also normal.

The secret to caring for dry skin is in the products you use. Many times dry skin is caused by chemicals and harsh cleansers. It's very important to use a gentle, creamy cleanser that is 100% Natural. Once you start using a cleanser you may find your dry skin will start to feel good again.

Lavender Toning Mist calms and soothes all skin types, especially helpful for acne,eczema and dry skin. Use as a refreshing mist any time of the day or spray your face before using our Moisturiser to absorb nourishing essential oils into the skin.

Another key to caring for dry skin is to use a moisturiser that feels great on your skin. A moisturiser that's too water-y won't keep the moisture in and one that's too heavy may actually keep your skin from naturally shedding dead skin cells. Look for a moisturiser that is 100% Natural and feels great on your skin. Using a moisturiser at night before bed will also help your skin to rejuvenate.

Exfoliation is the key to sloughing off dead skin cells that cling to skin and make it appear flaky. Look out for the next addition, " Recipes for facial masks you can make from ingredients that you have in your kitchen."

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