Q. Is shopping online at www.naturalalchemist.com "secure"?

A. You should shop with complete confidence at this site. Our e-commerce system uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) — the industry standard for encryption technology used to create a secure transaction environment. If your browser supports the use of encrypted data transmissions, our Secure Socket Layer locks all information (i.e., your credit card number) passed from you to us in an encrypted manner, making it almost impossible to be intercepted by an unauthorised party.

Q. How do I know my internet order will be supplied?

A.The Natural Alchemist® is not just a mailing house. We make our products and we have real as well as virtual premises. We process orders 5 days a week once we have notification of payment we orders are packed and sent via express post.

Q. Do I pay GST for overseas orders?

A. No, GST is not included to your order, so goods are 10% less than quoted.

Note: USA customers please refer to shipping for additional costs regarding your orders.

Q. What methods of payment do you have? are they safe? 

 A. We NO longer have ANZ Bank - eGate for credit card use, as this option was not being utilised, we hope this has not inconvenienced those of you who did use this credit card option!

However you still have the option to do a direct deposit from your bank to our ANZ Bank account also very safe, (this is our preferred option). Or you can use Pay Pal if you have an account set up with them. We are also happy to take Phone or email orders, this option only takes a little longer as we send you out invoice on costs for you to see before you deposit into bank account. Please do not send your credit card number via email, we will contact you to arrange payment.

Q. Where is Mackay

A. Mackay is in Beautiful far North Queensland, Australia. It is a rural area with clean fresh air and beautiful long beaches that you can have to yourself most of the time, it is part of the Great Barrier Reef and as we say here “ beautiful one day & perfect sunshine the next”. We operate out of Hay Point which is a small beach front area 35 minutes south of Mackay city. 

Q. Where can I buy your products?

A. We distribute to Melbourne at Nicole Shenko's Northcote Clinic (see links page for details on this outlet, You are most welcome to purchase online here! We are also looking for other outlets / boutiques to distribute. Please feel free to recommend any contacts you may have, or better still become a distributor yourself! For more info email us at: info@naturalalchemist.com.au

Q. I used the shampoo and rinse for the first time yesterday and it made my hair really course and sticky. I thought maybe I used to much rinse or not enough, so I washed it again today but didn't use the rinse and it was still the same out come. I can't even run my fingers through it or comb it, Am I doing something wrong?

A. No, you are not doing anything wrong, (do remember to wash out the rinse once you have massaged it through your hair), your hair will feel like that for a week or so till it cleans all the built up product from your hair, if you can continue use this will stop after a week or so, most people have this settling in time (but of course if you have any adverse reactions discontinue use). I pat hair dry rather than rubbing dry. I do however use a detangle product, which makes combing easier, just a small amount after patting dry then gently ease the comb through the hair.

Note: Some people use the shampoo with essential oils and the Rinse with NO essential oils, depending if you feel you need more or less oil in your hair.

We also have the hair conditioning oil which you use once or twice a week depending on your hair. To use this product sprinkle a few drops on your finger tips and massage into your hair roots, this is a leave in product and apply to dry hair. If used correctly it will not make your hair oily.

Q. Why did you change from glass jars to airless pumps?

A. We made this change with you in mind! Our products are fresh and as natural as possible, we like to make them in small batches and send them out to you ASAP, Airless pumps keep the air out while you are using the product, this helps to prolong the life of the product - good for you! they only dispense small amounts which is all you need, this helps your cream go further, also good for you! lastly but by no means least the airless pump helps to stop cross contamination and keeps creams free of harmful bacteria, keeping the creams fresh and safe for you to use with confidence, this is very good for you! The Airless pump is also a recyclable container.

Q. What preservative do you use? Why do you have to have preservative?

A. Although we might like the sound of "natural" or "organic" products it is good to know that what you are putting on your skin is safe! and free from possible harmful fungi and bacteria. We strive to keep our preservatives as natural as possible, but we do need them to work, for your sake!

We currently use a combination of coco-caprylate caprate (natural ester & coconut), dermorganics 1388 (glycerin, aqua, sodium levitate, sodium anisate) This preservative is very gentle and we have had no reports of any problems from you - our customers, we are happy to report this preservative does not have any smell, therefore it does not over power the essential oils in our product used for aroma /perfume, essential oils are very subtle but we prefer to use them, we do not use synthetic fragrances. Go to our ingredients page for a list and info on raw ingredients we use.

Q. What are your products test for?

A. All our creams are tested at the lab and have passed the British Pharmacopoeia requirements for effective preservation of a topical preparation. This means the preservative works at keeping harmful bugs away without hurting you!

Tests are done for: Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, candida albicans and aspergillus niger, you can understand and appreciate the need for preservatives.

Q. Are your products tested on Animal?

A. None of the products supplied to you from The Natural Alchemist® have been tested on animals. Our raw ingredients are only purchased from company that do not test on animals. We use only plant based ingredients in our products. The only ingredients provided by an animal for use in selected products is Beeswax, kindly give by our friendly bees; and Goats milk used in selected soaps; NO ANIMAL has been harmed in the harvesting of these ingredients.