Freight charges are not included in our list pricing.

Freight charges are calculated subject to the method of transport, destination, weight and your order size. This cost will be added in during the purchasing process in the shopping cart.

Orders are prioritised according to the time / date we receive them. We operate at a 1-4 business* day processing time (from receipt of your payment). However during peak times this maybe longer. If unforeseen delays accrue you will be notified via email.

For International delivery we use Air Mail and International Express. Please expect delivery times to be longer.

Sending your products to you in a timely manner is always our priority! You will be notified via email when your order has been dispatched.

Freight & Deliveries Australia

You have a choice of express or regular post - Express Post is our preferred freight carrier, as your products a precious and we like them to arrive quickly! Local areas - regular post is fine and can be chosen by you at the point of purchase in shopping cart.

Regular Post for local area: Mackay and surrounding area - cost is calculated by weight, we use regular pre-paid post bags (sizes 500g, 3kg & 5kg) this will be added during purchase procedure. 

Express Post:  Queensland and all other Australian States - cost is calculated by weight, we use express pre-paid post bags (sizes 500g, 3kg & 5kg) As stated earlier we prefer to send using express bags, for a speedy delivery to you! this ensures your product is not sitting anywhere for long periods of time and keeps your product as fresh as possible!


All orders over $1000.00 ex. GST / AUD$1100.00 inc. GST shipping will be FREE


Freight & Deliveries International

Air Freight only: 

International freight is calculated by weight of (products only), a packaging / handling fee of $10.00 will be added to final order. This is not calculated during the (product weight calculation) due to variation of orders. Packaging is to ensure your product arrives safe and secure! International orders are GST exempt. GST will not be added to your order. 


ECI and EPI - Parcels deliver to all destinations (ECI and EPI - parcels does deliver to a Post Office Box and Poste Restante.

Air Mail, ECI and EPI parcels - Due to heightened border protection and aviation security measures introduced by the US Government applying to inbound freight, there is likely to be delays of around 48 hours to parcels being sent to the US. These new security measures have increased cost implications associated with screening and transport, as a result a $9.00 surcharge will be imposed on all parcels over 500g (16 ounces)

This surcharge has been introduced solely to cover the costs of the revised security arrangements required by the United Stated, The Natural Alchemist does not profit from the surcharge. To verify this or other information please click on this link

If there are any other enquires please contact us