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       The Natural Alchemist's® products include skincare formulations for the face

               and body, natural hair care and a range of superb essential oils.

   Do You Know:  

 The Natural Alchemist is 100% Australian Made & Owned

Using Very Best Organic & Natural Ingredients

All Essentials oils are Organic or Natural

We Do Not Test On Animals

Packaging & Containers are Recyclable.

 No chemicals, No Toxic petrochemicals, No Parabens, PEGs, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate

No Harsh Detergents, Artificial Colours

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Arthritis Pain Relief Oil Blend 50mL



Mosquito & Midges Bug Repellent 

All Natural Ingredients and Essential oils...

Mosquito & Midges Bug Repellent 100mL

Insect Bite anti-itch Oil Blend

Completely Natural

No Harmful Toxins or Chemicals...

Insect Bite Anti-Itch 50mL