Twilight Candles

Natural, Safe to use & Beautiful!

Three beeswax candles guaranteed to provide a beautiful ambience to any room. 

3 nights burn time.

Weight 145g, Height 46mm, Diameter 35mm.


Prophet Candle in porcelain

ON SALE WAS $15.00

NOW $12.00


Perfect for wedding table or other special occasions!

Made using only the finest best bees wax, these candles are hand crafted, with porcelain ceramic. 

8-9 hrs burn time.

Weight 35g, Height 25mm, Diameter 40mm.


Lampe Candle

Natural, Safe to use & Beautiful!

One Perfect candle!

This candle emits an exceptional ambience! Lampe suits a range of holders and purposes.

36 hrs burn time.

Weight 175g, Height 100mm, Diameter 45mm


Tee light candles 5 Pack

ON SALE WAS $15.00

NOW $10.00


Natural & Safe to use!

Northern light 5 pack, the prefect gift for the unconverted. Includes one reusable container.

7-8 hrs burn time.

Weight 100g, Height 20mm, Diameter 40mm


Tee light candles 10 Pack

ON SALE WAS $25.00

NOW $19.00


Only the best ingredients!

Northern light 10 pack when five simply is not enough! The prefect gift for the unconverted! Also included in the 10 pack are two reusable containers.

8-9 hrs burn time

Weight 250g, Height 25mm, Diameter 30mm

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