Aniseed Myrtle Australian 12mL

Aniseed Myrtle Australian 12mL

Aniseed Myrtle   Backhousia anisata

Method of extraction: Steam distilled

Plant part: Leaf

Country of Origin: Australia

Price: $29.95

Has a sweet aniseed scent which is both warming and uplifting see more info.

Uses: massage, inhalation, diffuser, oil vaporiser - A few drops of Aniseed Myrtle on a tissue has been known to stop coughing and aid in sleep.

Used in: insect repellent, relaxation massage oils, to mask other scents, fragrances.

Safety Data: Can be a skin irritant dilute before use. Use in moderation, avoid during pregnancy. External use only, do not swallow.

For other uses please refer to any Essential oil or Aromatherapy guide books.


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