Clary Sage Organic 5mL

Clary Sage Organic 5mL

Clary Sage - Certified Organic - Salvia sclarea

Method of extraction: Steam distilled.
Plant part: Leaves, flowers
Country of Origin: Austria          

A colourless or pale yellowy green liquid with a sweet nutty- herdaceous scent, see more info.

Price: $17.90

Blends with: Juniper, lavender, all citrus, cardomon, geranium, sandalwood, pine, frankincense plus others.

Uses: Topical application, massage, bath, compress, skin care, inhalation, diffuser, oil vaporiser or oil burner.

Used in: fragrance for soaps, cosmetics, perfumes.

Safety Data: non toxic, non irritant, non sensitising. Avoided during pregnancy, Avoid use if epileptic. Do not use Clary Sage oil while drinking alcohol; it can induce a narcotic effect and exaggerate drunkenness. External use only, do not swallow.

For other uses please refer to any Essential oil or Aromatherapy guide books.


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