Peppermint Gum – Australian 12mL

Peppermint Gum – Australian 12mL

Peppermint Gum – Eucalyptus dives
Method of extraction: Steamed distilled
Plant part: leaf
Country of Origin: Australia

A colourless or pale yellow liquid with a fresh camphoraceous, spicy-minty odour. See more info.

Price: $6.80

Blends: citrus oils, other mint oils,
Uses: Topical application, massage,compress, bath, skin care, inhalation, diffuser, oil vaporiser or oil burner,
Used in: deodorants, disinfectants, room fresheners.
Safety Data: non-toxic, non-irritant (in dilution), non-sensitising. Eucalyptus oil is toxic if taken internally, as little as 3.5ml has been reported as fatal. External use only.
do not swallow.
For other uses please refer to any Essential oil or Aromatherapy guide books.


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