Shaving Soap In Travel Container 128g

Shaving Soap In Travel Container

Travel soap or gift idea

Our handmade moisturising shaving soap is suitable for all skin types and will also assist those men with sensitive or problem skin. An aromatic blend of essential oils and red clay gives a smooth clean shave every time, leaving the skin soft and refreshed. Conveniently packaged in travel container for easy storage at home or away. See more info.

Price: $10.50

Using only the best organic coconut, Sustainable plantation organic palm oil-(from South America), cold-pressed olive and caster oil. This is a high lathering soap to assist in the shaving process, soothing to the skin, reducing any redness while giving your face a smooth, close shave every time. Add in essential oils patchouli, cedarwood and bay laural for a long lasting aroma. Packaged in a our travel container makes it an easy companion to go with you anywhere. Applied with a shaving brush, discard any water left in soap container after each use before closing lid.

NOTE: Organic palm oil comes from South America, Orangutan DO NOT live in South America.


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