Jojoba & Chamomile Baby bath or Massage oil 100mL

Jojoba & Chamomile Baby bath or Massage oil

Baby bath or massage oil is designed to replace the use of soap when bathing your precious little one, or it can be used when giving your baby a stimulating but gentle massage, use after bath time or a special time during the day just for you and baby. See more info for use instructions and ingredients. 

Price: $26.95

This oil is very gentle on babies skin, the essential oils used are to calm and relax your baby, while the Jojoba oil is used to retain moisture, to cleans and is very good for any dry patched on your babies skin.

Use: 1-2 drops in new babies bath, and slightly more as baby grows. At toddler stage use 1 full pump in larger bath. To disperse oils through warm water more evenly you can mix oil in 1 teaspoon of milk or up to 1 tablespoon of milk when using for larger bath amounts.

Ingredients: Organic Jojoba & Sweet Almond oil, infused Calendula, Wheat germ oil & Chamomile essential oil.


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