Wheatgerm Oil 25mL

Wheatgerm Oil 25mL

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Wheatgerm - Triticum vulgare 

Method of extraction: Cold Pressed
Plant part: Germ
Country of Origin: Italy

Wheatgerm is light yellow or reddish oil, with a very clear characteristic fresh but heavy odour and thick consistency.

Price: $6.48

Uses: anti-oxidant and regenerative properties make Wheatgerm Oil a wonderful ingredient to add to body care and cosmetic products. High in vitamin- A,D,E, & B group-1,2,3,6 & F, fatty acids, proteins & minerals, reduces scars, stretch marks, relieves sun damaged skin, rejuvenates dry / mature skin. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects, which may be beneficial medicinally as well as in cosmetics. Softens and smoothes the skin improving the complexion.

Safety Data: use on all skin types, highly recommended for dry, mature or problem skin, it should not be used by those with wheat or gluten allergies, either externally or internally.


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