Insect Bite Anti-Itch 50mL

Insect Bite Anti-Itch 50mL

Insect Bite anti-itch Oil Blend

Completely Natural

No Harmful Toxins or Chemicals

All natural essential oils combine to give relief from itchy insect bites.

Price: $11.35

Avocado oil is used to carry essential oils onto your skin, these essential oils have been chosen for their individual properties. Lavender relaxes, calms and it’s anti-bacterial is used for issues such as insect bites. Clove has numbing qualities, Eucalyptus is known as an antiseptic and disinfectant, lemon tea tree antiseptic, chamomile soothing and healing, peppermint is also an anti-bacterial, and can be used to help ward off infections from scratching bites.

Apply a small pump full into your hand and gently rub over itch bites,

Try not to rub to hard and don’t scratch.

It will take a few minutes to stop itching re-apply as needed.


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